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Amalgamation of the two parishes in Easterhouse

St. Benedict’s Parish and St. Clare’s Parish

St John Bosco Parish was formed from the amalgamation of the two RC Parishes in Easterhouse -

Members of the Salesian Priests of St. John Bosco had provided spiritual and pastoral ministry to the Catholic community within the two parishes in Easterhouse for a quarter of a century, until August 2015.
The Salesian Order then had to withdraw the three Priests - who served at that time - from the two parishes; and Bishop Toal of Motherwell Diocese then appointed one Priest to replace them.

We still have Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco, within our parish community, who live in the Convent within the grounds of St. Benedict’s Church.  One of whom has continued to act as a Pastoral Assistant to our Priest.

On Pentecost Sunday 2016, Bishop Toal conjoined the two parishes into one new parish - to be known thereafter, as the Parish of St. John Bosco.  This choice of name had met with universal approval within the two parishes.

The churches are still known as St. Benedict’s, and St. Clare’s respectively - but the Registers for the Sacraments in the two former parishes were closed, and a new Register for the Sacrament of Baptism; Confirmation; Ordination; and Matrimony, in St. John Bosco was opened from that day - 15th May 2016.

The Parish Priest resides in what had been St. Clare’s chapel house.

St. Benedict’s Parish and St. Clare’s Parish



St Benedict's Solemn Opening Booklet from 1965

St Benedict's Silver Jubilee Booklet, produced in 1990.

St Benedict's Golden Jubilee Booklet, from 2009

St Clare's Golden Jubilee Booklet, from 2010

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