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Readers of the Word

We have Readers of the Word in both churches, who proclaim the Scriptures - after careful reflection and prayer, at each of our services throughout the week, and also at weekly Mass, at the weekend.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers serve the Parish in both churches, in the distribution of the Eucharist - which is offered to adults within our parish community, who are unable to attend Mass, because of illness and/or mobility issues.

Music Ministry Team

The Music Ministry Team meet with the Parish Priest, to plan the hymns for the weekend services, in both churches - the hymn selection is normally planned at least six weeks in advance.

Altar Servers

We have both children and adult Altar Servers in the parish.  The children generally serve at Mass on Sundays, and also serve during any school Masses - whilst our adult Altar Servers help to serve at funerals.

Pass Keepers

Our Pass Keepers are the first faces seen by the parishioners and visitors - who are warmly welcomed into our two churches.  They serve our parish community, and assist the Priest during our weekly Mass services, and also at funerals, and in the celebration of other liturgies.

Social Group

A commitee of men and women parishioners, who assist the Parish Priest in introducing, maintaining, and developing events - to create and nourish the social element, in the life of the parish community.

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee comprises of three members of the parish - invited by the Parish Priest - to work with him, to regulate prudently, the income and expenditure of the parish, for the good of all.

Church Cleaning and General Maintenance

This is comprised of groups of men and women, who maintain the Church in good condition - in terms of cleanliness and repair.

Children’s Liturgy Teams

The Children’s Liturgy Teams plan and lead the children in their own liturgy, at Mass in both churches, each Sunday.

Pastoral Planning Council

Formed in February 2017 - from persons nominated by parishioners, and invited by the parish priest.

Comprising six women and two men, working in conjunction with the Parish Priest and the Parish Pastoral Assistant - to discuss and decide the strategic vision, for the parish looking to the future - as regards all things pastoral, and those practical matters which flow from it, such as the model for sacramental preparation of our children and the venue for, and the timing of liturgies.

Friday Lunch Group

Social group who gather each Friday afternoon, in St. Clare’s Hall - to spend time together, and to maintain contact with one another.

Prayer Group

Group who meet in St. Benedict’s side chapel each Wednesday to pray and to consider and reflect on Sacred Scripture in open session.

Bereavement Group

A newly formed Group in the parish - set up to contact and, if asked to do so, visit those families who have suffered a bereavement - so as to demonstrate our continuing care of them.

Ministers of Interment at cemeteries and of Committal at Crematorium

Ministers of Interment at cemeteries and of Committal at Crematorium.  A new Ministry set up to support the Priest in the celebration of funerals within the parish.

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