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Update on Father Ness

Fr. Ness was discharged from the Royal Infirmary yesterday and is now at his home in Wishaw. The results of the tests carried out at the hospital since Friday evening and completed yesterday were all satisfactory to the doctors. One more scan is scheduled for later this week but his whole cardiovascular and respiratory system has been shown to be in a very healthy condition.

As with many people, it's his way of life that needs to be urgently addressed if, despite this good health, further similar admissions to hospital for difficulty with breathing on exertion are to be avoided. He will take time to consider this with his children, especially his daughter who trained at the Royal Infirmary as a medical doctor working in Intensive Care.

He is very grateful for the prayers and kindness offered by our parishioners and for the excellent attention and care which he received from the staff in both A&E and Ward 43 at the Royal Infirmary. He has written to the General Manager of the Infirmary in praise of the whole staff who include the daughter of the late Alice McTaggart of our Parish. Alice died in 2016. He will also write to the Herald Newspaper in similar terms in the hope that they will publish his praise of the NHS.

Please keep Father and his family in your prayers and please continue to pray for all our Priests.

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