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Father Ness

On Friday afternoon Fr Ness was admitted to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, he had not been feeling too well over the past few days. He is currently awaiting a Cardiology Review, at this point he is not sure how long he will be in hospital. As you know Fr Ness works tirelessly in the parish and always puts others first, it is now time for him to look after himself.

The RCIA program which was due to start on Saturday has been cancelled. Bishop Toal will be in the parish celebrating our weekend Masses and also the Baptism in St Clare's on Sunday. The Dean Fr Kenny O'Brien will arrange cover for the 2 funerals which are taking place this week. We ask that you keep Fr Ness in your prayers and we also ask that you respect his privacy, he really needs to rest so please do not call or text him, visiting will be kept to his family.

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